New York City’s Biggest Sales and Best-Selling Buildings of April 2020; Volume Down 46%

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May 6, 2020

New York City’s biggest sales and best-selling buildings of April 2020; Volume down 46%

In April 2020, there were 393 residential condo, condop, and co-op sales recorded in Manhattan amounting to a total dollar amount of $1.05 billion. While thie figure may sound impressive, it is 46% decline from the $1.94 billion in residential sales recorded in April 2019. We all should understand why.

The average price of a condo came in at $3.71 million, up 37% from April 2019’s $2.7 million average, and is mostly due to new developments sales from prior years closing. On the other hand, the average price paid for a co-op was down by 5%, averaging $1.178 million.

Find the fully sortable table of all recorded April closings below and the top ten building by aggregate sales. As per the usual, upscale new development condos and condo-conversions dominated the list.

April 2020 | Top Selling Buildings in NYC by Aggregate Sales

Top 25 NYC residential buildings by total aggregate sales recorded in April 2020

BuildingTotal SalesAvg PPSFRecorded Sales
1220 Central Park South$214,978,031$7,9235
2Two Waterline Square$41,223,695$2,33113
3One West End$27,154,124$2,0876
4The Park Loggia$24,839,747$2,8066
5One Waterline Square$23,256,025$2,6306
656 Leonard Street$21,551,257$4,1031
7The Woolworth Tower Residences$20,950,000$2,3072
8180 East 88th Street$17,699,000$2,9872
9212 Fifth Avenue$16,132,000$5,2411
10The Printing House$15,430,000$1,8562
11160 Leroy Street$15,314,500$3,3611
1275 Kenmare Street$12,061,644$2,8003
13The Greenwich Lane$11,500,000$3,4651
14152 Elizabeth Street$11,230,500$2,7011
15570 Broome Street$11,033,568$1,8406
16Superior Ink$11,000,000$2,8741
17555 West End Avenue$10,750,000$3,0811
18Carnegie Park Condominium$8,403,278$1,7323
191 Great Jones Alley$8,160,896$2,4711
20277 Fifth Avenue$7,775,000$2,4582
21196 Orchard Street$7,470,000$1,9474
2291 Leonard Street$6,773,818$2,0072
2311 Beach$6,750,000$1,9401
24108 Leonard$6,461,248$1,8673
25The Cherbourg$6,275,0002

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